What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a way to help you heal.  It is important to remember that as long as you are alive you have the ability to heal.  That ability to heal is inborn or innate.  The human brain is programmed to run the body perfectly.  I can prove this to you with one simple question.  Who taught you how to breath? Or how to digest food?  You can’t argue the fact that the brain and spinal cord regulate and control the entire body.  Every aspect of how the body works is regulated by the brain and that innate ability to work perfectly.  How does the brain control the body?  What is the bridge between the brain and your body?  It’s the nerve system.
The nerve system carries information back and forth between the brain and the body, telling the brain what the body is doing, while at the same time telling the body what to do.  Keeping the brain in control of the body is essential to good health.  Almost every time I ask a patient, ” What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words PINCHED NERVE?”  Their answer is almost always PAIN!!!  Unfortunately, most pinched nerves are not painful at all.  When a nerve is pinched, the signal being carried on that nerve will be altered. Keeping in mind the body only does what it is told, when the signal is changed the area of the body connected to the altered nerve can no longer work properly.  Research shows with a pinched nerve up to a 70% change can occur in the nerves ability to carry information.  A pinched nerve simply changes the impulses from the brain to the body.  Now the brain can no longer fully control the body.  In chiropractic we call this condition a subluxation.
Without the brain in control, the body can no longer work properly, it no longer knows what to do, it begins to work in a dyscoordinated manner and begins to break down.  The first step in the process after subluxation is muscle imbalance, that imbalance will lead to wear and grinding in the spine, and then eventually into inflammation and pain.  The subluxations are the initial cause of the problem and finally the end result is pain.  Subluxations can be the cause of many different conditions; from back and neck pain to headaches, from carpal tunnel and shoulder problems to numbness or sciatica, or to other things such as stomach or breathing problem.  Let’s face facts, since the nerves control the entire body, when you have a subluxation, almost any part of the body can be affected.  Removing subluxations allow the brain’s internal program to take over and allow you to heal the way you were designed.
Chiropractors are not just back and neck doctors.  They do not just treat back and neck pain (although chiropractic works for back and neck pain). Chiropractic is the correction of nerve problems (subluxations) so that the body may heal.  Regardless of your condition, you have a better chance of healing if you are free of subluxation than if you are subluxated.  If you have never been adjusted it’s time for you to try chiropractic!

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