Why Us?

We provide gentle, effective care at an affordable cost.
There are many things that really set us apart from other chiropractic experiences;

  • What does that mean to you?  Well, there is no cracking or popping, twisting or bending.  It really is chiropractic for “sissy’s”.  We use an adjusting device, one is called an Arthrostim.  It is approved by the FDA for use in chiropractic offices for the care of spinal conditions.  This device allows us to provide care to our practice members in a safe and gentle manner.  Patients are amazed at how easy it really is to get an adjustment.  What if you are one of those people who like the “old fashioned” style of chiropractic?  Rest assured, our office still provides that style of service too, but only on request.  We never forget that we are here to serve you.

  •  We want you to understand your problem.  It’s your body and your health, so we take the time to explain your problem to you in a way that is clear. We believe that far too often doctors and patients don’t speak the same language.  It is up to the doctor to explain things so the patient can understand.  So often when we explain chiropractic to a new practice member their response is usually, “It seems so simple and it makes sense.  Why didn’t anyone ever tell me that before?”

  • With our advanced testing procedures, which includes computerized scanning, we are better able to show you the results of how chiropractics can give you better health. Often times the proof of the sucess of chiropractic care is feeling better. Rest assured, the vigilant attention of our doctors as well as various diagnostic tools, will show you where there is improvement.

  • The Insight system is a specialized screening technology.  This system allows our doctors to perform thermal and surface electromyography scans.  These scans are useful tools in determining the status of the patients nerve system and overall health.

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